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Believe in me
I don't believe in anything

I'm going to look back and think this was stupid, I'm going to look back and delete this, but right now I just really need to give everyone some advice. The best thing anyone could possibly do for themselves is stop caring, stop caring about your how your hair looks, and stop caring about whether or not those jeans make you look fat. The best thing you could do is realize you weren’t created to be perfect; you were created to be human. So stop caring about what everyone else is thinking, stop thinking about what everyone wants you to be, because really, it doesn't matter. We all will get old and fat, we all will get sick and grey, we all will eventually end up within the same earth. So don't waste your time and money and something everyone outgrows, it only makes you grow that much faster. You see, the minute you start hating yourself you never stop, and I can't tell you how miserable my hate for myself has made me. It's not just something you do to your body, it's something you do to your mind, it's a disease I don't think I'll ever be able to cure. So just stop, live the life you have how you want, you'll be a hell of a lot better off in the long run.

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 This kid that started working at the place I take the gee-tar, looks exactly like the love child of Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie. He is so tiny and it took him five minutes to get me an extra pick.

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    We have a birds nest under our deck, and every year a new family of birds inhabits it and raises their young, mostly. Most of the time it is home for a mommy and daddy bird and their children. But sometimes their is only one bird alone with the eggs, other times their is no bird and just the abandoned eggs. This time their is two male birds living in the nest, with one egg. My parents laugh about it, talking about how they must have gotten confused or lost somewhere along the way. But I think it just goes to prove that there is more than one way to live, it doesn't matter if you're a bird or a person. We all are together on this earth, and if birds can live peacefully, then why can't we?


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The school year is finally out, WOO!
I have nothing to do....

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I realize this is all kind of pointless considering my life isn't interesting, and the parts of it that are are not your business.
So I probably won't be updating to much, if only at the rare chance something interesting happens in this  monotonous lifestyle I lead.

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My Christan friend has always bugged me about religion. 
"Why don't you go to church?"
"Why must you use God's name in vain?"
"Why won't you pray for him?"
So today she finally ask me, "Rachel, do even believe in God?"
And do you know what I said?

"No, no I do not."

I can finally say it, I can tell her the truth, I don't believe in God, I fucking don't.
Happy late Easter everyone, Spring Break is almost over and swimsuit season is coming......
Not to mention the wedding of feuding families only Shakespeare could have created, but unfortunately it's not a play.
With the addition to allergies..
Well...the grass has gotten so green here.
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Fuck copyrights, I'm gone for an hour, I come back and they've deleted practically everything off youtube, even the videos that have the copyright information.
Well that's shit, all the music videos and tv shows are gone, the things that make youtube worth watching. They'll probably make it a pay website now, or permanetly take away all the videos, fuck.
I am not amused by this law suit, not at all.

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You are my sunshine
my only sunshine.
You make me happy
when skies are Grey.
You'll never know, dear
how much I love you.
Please, don't take my sunshine away.

This song means the world to me, the only song that could put me asleep when I was a baby, the first song I ever sang to somebody else, and the only song that always brightens my day, no matter what.
It's just truly beautiful.

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I've noticed a lot of people that seem to worship the scene queens around livejournal, it makes me die a little inside, and I just want to know WHY?? Why the fuck do people look up to these girls that do virtually nothing for society except fuck guys in bands and viscously murder true style and fashion as it was???
Things not to wear:
Ripped pants
Leggings(what is the fucking point?)
Anything bejeweled
Pajama pants in PUBLIC
Those fucking ugly boots
layers and layers of those bulging beaded necklaces
To tight clothes
Fingerless gloves(also NO POINT)
ripped shirts

If they said it was 'scene', they probably meant ugly.

BTW, LOL@ the Brendon Urie 'nudes', he wishes he had abs like that, and a bigger dick obvi.

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